Filmmaking in the Digital Age

The filmmaking scene is dramatically changing with unbelievable speed. The film image medium of expensive film stock is being replace by digital video. Video tapes are now be taken over by flash memory cards. Digital technology is changing the way we watch films (movies). No longer are filmmakers hindered or restricted by the elite film and television industry. The internet is now opening up doors for future filmmakers, allowing them to screen their films to a wider audience and gain popularity along with a cult following.

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Video Editing On Linux Ubuntu Using Cinelerra

In a previous article I spoke about What Is The Best Video Editing Software? You probably know about video editing software for Windows and Mac, but what about Linux the open source operating system?

One particular software  that many Linux users refer to as the ultimate video editing application is Cinelerra.

In this article I will talk about an Xtranormal State animation I made and how I edited it in the Linux distro Ubuntu using Cinelerra.
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How To Animate Two Actors Using Xtranormal

In my previous article, I showed you how to use the free online Xtranormal animation program using one actor.

Today’s video tutorial will show you how to create an animated movie using two actors. I have also included a video of the completed movie showing you what was created in the video tutorial.

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Animation Using Xtranormal – Overview

Making movies may seem to be a complicated task, but if you take it one step at a time you’ll find it gets easier as you learn the steps.

To get started in making movies you can use the Xtranormal free online animation program where you can make your own movies. As they say ‘If you can type you can make a movie’

It’s really easy to use xtranormal and it gives you an idea how films are made.

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If You Can Type You Can Make Movies

As the title suggests, ‘if you can type you can make movies’. Xtranormal is a quirky online application that you can use to make your own animated movies. The application is in Beta mode, which means there is no limitations on what type of characters you use. They are all free while the application is still in Beta mode. Here is an example of what you can do.

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What Camera To Use For Filmmaking

A visitor to the fandangle website Ruben Da Silva left a comment asking “I would like to produce and direct my own film but I feel that I can’t because I don’t have the expensive equipment but are you saying that I can make a full movie from a normal Sony camera? But because of the quality, do you think it would actually be shown in cinemas? What type of camera do you need to make a full film.” The answer is yes… I repeat yes, you can make a film using a video camera and you don’t need to use expensive production equipment to make a film.

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